FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860: Ultimate Comparison

Technology has to be employed if food, a very fundamental thing in human life has to be preserved and kept fresh for long.

As it is, food is the basis of the human race and the animal species. Keeping food safe so that it does not perish has become a basic necessity in the modern world.

FoodSavers have been designed to preserve food and stop wastage by blocking out moisture and air by using specially designed bags that keep food fresh for the longest time possible.

They have become common across the globe because of their convenience.

There are many models available in the market. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to 2-in-1 FoodSavers.

If you choose the wrong one, you may be discouraged from buying another one ever again. The best vacuum sealers don’t cause freezer burns, preserves food freshness for long, and retains the flavor of food as well.

They all come with their differences and their similarities. This post compares the FoodSavers 5800 vs 5860.

Similarities 5800 vs 5860

Design Both FoodSavers are made of stainless steel material for extra strength and durability.

The finishing is good and both machines are eye-catching and beautiful. When it comes to the design, these two items are practically similar.

Mode of operation

They are not just simple to use, these automatic FoodSavers have 3 buttons; dispensing, rewinding, and seal and cut buttons for making the auto bags.

The sealing process has been simplified. You only need to press seal now and the FoodSavers automatically makes the bag airtight.

Food preservation

With both FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 you will be able to seal all types of food including but not limited to vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and cheese, stews, soups, or other delicate foods such as muffins and cookies.

Amazingly, bread can stay in the freezer for up to 3 years unlike in an ordinary freezer. You can even save fish for 2 years when normally it wouldn’t even last for months.

Marinade process

You will no longer have to wait for hours to have flavorsome dishes with these two FoodSavers.

Both FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 have the one-touch marinade mode so that you can prepare your food in a few short minutes.


The retractable handheld sealers found in both FoodSavers give you the option of using the marinate mode and sealing containers, bags, or canisters.


If you are looking for space to store your vacuum rolls, then you don’t need to worry because FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 both have inbuilt storage.

They also come with a built-in cutter which allows you to cut the exact amount of roll that you need.


As you are sealing food, spillages are bound to happen. When you spill small amounts, the drip tray will catch them so that the vacuum remains clean and spotless. You can use the dishwasher for easy and fast clean up.

Indicator lights

Each of these FoodSavers has four indicator lights. If the machine has any issues, the indicator light will let you know.

The lights also help you see where the lid or drawer needs to be closed when the drip tray needs to be emptied, and the right time to check the vacuum role.


Unfortunately, FoodSavers 5800 and 5860 lack the PulseVac. This means that you have to stop the vacuuming process manually.

Other types of FoodSavers have the PulseVac which controls the vacuuming process to protect more delicate foods.


They are all black and silver. In both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5860, on the left-hand side lies the retractable handheld sealer while on the right-hand side you find the control panel.

They have an upright posture which doesn’t take much space in your kitchen.

They all weigh 15.2 pounds and measure 8 x 6.25 x 18 inches.

Other features

Most often, the difference between FoodSavers is brought about by the starter kit that they come with. However, when it comes to FoodSaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5860, that is not the case. They all come with the following equipment;

  • 11 x 10 inch of vacuum seal roll
  • 8 x 10-inch vacuum roll
  • 3, 1qt vacuum zipper and seal bags
  • 2, 1-gallon vacuum seal and zipper bags
  • Square marinator, 2.23Wt.


You will get a whopping 5-year warranty when you buy either of these FoodSavers.

Differences 5800 vs 5860

Strangely, FoodSaver 5800 is expensive more than FoodSaver 5860. It is one of the most expensive FoodSavers available in the market that you will ever see.

Even the slightly cheaper FoodSaver 5860 lies on the higher side of the price range. The only difference is that it comes with a starter kit that is 100% complete. Even better the 5-year warranty is quite generous.

It’s very hard to highlight individual disadvantages and advantages of these FoodSavers keeping in mind that they are the same. You can consider the following points as you are buying a FoodSaver though

FoodSaver 5800


  • The vacuum sealer is so easy to use. All features work efficiently with just a single touch.
  • Your food will remain as fresh as possible for as long as you like.
  • It’s very beautiful so that it will look good on your kitchen counter.


  • They have poor customer service.

FoodSaver 5860


  • It comes with a great seal. If you combine it with bags and rolls, it becomes perfect.
  • It is durable.
  • You will fall in love with it the more you get to use it.


  • The FoodSaver and the retractable handheld seal seem like they are not of the same quality.

It’s not something that needs a lot of arguments. Most of the features in these two FoodSavers are essentially the same. The starter kit is also the same. Both are slightly expensive but FoodSaver 5860 gives you more value for your money.

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