FoodSaver 5460 vs 5800: Which One is Better?

There is nothing as unpleasant as consuming stale food. Sounds dramatic?

While it can be detrimental to take food not directly taken from the cooking pan, it can even be a nightmare to consume food from the fridge.

When we ingest food that has stayed in the freezer for some time, it doesn’t test fresh anymore.

The worst part is that its nourishing capabilities reduce, and you may not get to enjoy the nutrients.

Food experts found it necessary to come up with a solution to this problem. Since wasting food is a ‘crime’ considering the many people that go to bed hungry worldwide, FoodSaver came up with exceptional solutions.

I am happy to inform you that there are many versions of FoodSavers that come in handy to rescue your food from spoilage. The narrative around food preservation has completely changed with the FoodSaver 5460 and 5800.

If you have been struggling to differentiate between the two, that is FoodSaver 5460 and 5800, then you are in the right place.

We are going to point out the differences and similarities. We will not forget to mention the most superior features and why you should get yourself a food saver.

Differences between FoodSaver 5460 and 5800

Since our focus is entirely on the two food preservation tools, we will begin with the most noticeable differences. Both physical appearance and functionality review are very vital. Their prices too.


Their prices differ due to the range of solutions they offer. The FoodSaver 5460 series is the most sought-after in terms of its pricing.

Considering the many solutions that the FoodSaver 5460 series offers, the prices for this machine costly than the average FoodSaver.

While the price of the FoodSaver series 5800 is less than that of the 5460 series it is considered a high price.


It is important to consider the physical appearance of the FoodSaver machine matters. This is because you have to consider the kitchen layout and the available space.

FoodSaver 5800 series is box-shaped. It has miniature sealers that are retractable. Control buttons for this series are fitted on the right.

Adding to its features is the presence of roll storage. A height of 6.25 inches, a width of 19 inches, and a length of 8 inches make up the perfect size of the 5800 FoodSaver.

It is easy to know this type of FoodSaver 5460 by its silver and black color. Fit the miniature sealer with the controls on the upper deck of the machine.

A lock and dial pad is fitted to the machine for easier temperature controls. It weighs up to 10 pounds.

Indicator lights

The indicator lights are crucial since it is necessary to observe the vacuuming process.

While the FoodSaver 5460 has no indicator lights, the FoodSaver 5800 series is fitted with indicator lights. With just a single glance, you can observe the changes happening inside.


The two vacuum sealers have the 2 in 1 effect. The similarities between the two are as follows;

Foodsaver 5460 Foodsaver 5800
Size 7.24 * 16.30* 7.64 inches 8* 19* 6.25 inches
Weight 10.4 lbs. 15.2 lbs.
Retractable miniature sealer Available Available
Marinate mode Available Available
Lock and latch Available Missing
Removable drip board Available Available
Indicator lights Missing Available
Warranty Available Available
Attachments Jar sealer,  2 1-gallon  vacuum zipper, 4 1 gallon vacuum zipper, bottle stopper, rolls: 11 * 10, 10 * 8’’  bottle stopper, jar stopper  

Marinator, 2 1 vacuum zipper, 2 1 vacuum gallon vacuum seal, rolls: 11 * 10*, 8 *10’’ bags  3 1 qt

Food types Bread, fish, meat, cheese, fruits, stew, vegetables


Vegetables, meat, fish, stew, fruits, cookies
Integrated storage and cutter Available Available
Pulse vac Available Available

Bag storage

Among the components making up the 5460 and 5800 FoodSaver series is the presence of bag storage. Both food savers contain a permanent storage room system.

With the built-in storage with a cutter, it’s even easier to remove the roll and to use the in-built cutter to cut the roll. This is an improvement from the traditional types of food savers.

Your food can last for some days thus preventing wastage and reducing cases of food poisoning in case of stale food consumption.

Miniature hand-held sealer

The retractable handheld sealer is crucial since you can use it to cover and preserve numerous foods. It is fitted into both the 5460 and 5800 FoodSaver series to preserve your food more.

Pulse vac

The pulse vac is ideal for preserving crunchy food like bread and cookies. With the pulse vac, you can control both the 5640 and 5800 FoodSaver series.

Your food stays longer thus giving you perfect preservation methods for crumby foods.

Marinate mode

Frustrated with the amount of time you take to marinate your food? Worry no more. The FoodSaver 5460 and 5800 series has an inbuilt marinate mode feature.

It enables you to marinate your food in minutes. Isn’t this a great invention? Purchase one for yourself and save on lots of time.

Drip tray

Any spills while using your FoodSaver vacuum sealer is captured in the removable drip tray.

Both the FoodSaver 5460 and 5800 series contain special features. The drip tray can be washed thereafter.

FM5460 FoodSaver series

Using the 5460 series is quite advantageous. It is easy to operate and it is also a small machine that doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space. There is also great value for your money.

The only disadvantage of this machine is that the handheld feature eventually breaks thereby it is not a durable attachment to the machine.

FM5800 FoodSaver series

The most advantageous feature is that you can undo your rolls. When you have placed your rolls in and you need to remove before time, you can comfortably do so.

It is more powerful as compared to the 5460 series. Roll and bag seals are more durable compared to older models.


The two FoodSaver series are great as we have seen. Both have features that are ideal for preserving food. The attachments and features are exceptional. The 5460 series is friendlier and offers the best food preservation features. The pricing is also fair considering the many benefits.

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