Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Not Sealing? How to Fix it

When working with your vacuum sealer, you may face something going wrong. Then, you need to think about fixing it. It may be simple to fix.

However, it may sometimes be complex to do it. More importantly, you need to know what has gone wrong with your appliance to determine the reasons.

In this article, we will talk to you about some issues you can get with your Ziploc Vacuum Sealer.

Frequent Issues with Ziploc Vacuum Sealer & Solutions

Not enough suction

This issue is because of the amount of bag that is placed within the chamber, as well as not the motor itself. If there is too much roll or bag in the sealing chamber, it cannot create adequate suction due to the coverage of the excess plastic in the suction pipe.

If there is less bag used, you need to check whether there are dirt and grime buildup between the machine and the lid.

Check the Roll or Bags

If you feel that your device has no issue, you still need to check for any pinpoint holes in the sealing bags or the plastic roll. Even a small hole can lead to trouble. Your device may not be on one side when the air is seeping in the other.

Improper Sealing

You may think this issue may be because of the fault motor, but the real reason is the contents of the sealing bag. If you often place the food items under the pressure, they will seep oil, water, and juices.

These factors can prevent the package from the right sealing. A bag sealed with a lot of small holes, as well as leakages is the effect. Therefore, it is important to be careful when you place your food items within the plastic to avoid spills. Besides, we recommend you to blot excess moisture out of these items before sealing. To do this, you can use paper towels.

For dry foods, you need to try leveling the machine. It is also essential to check all the plugs and consider whether they are in place. Otherwise, the machine may not seal areas.

Don’t Overfill

It should be 1 inch of free space between the food items and the edge. It allows the sides to get adequate contact to seal. Then, you will not get liquid runoff. Also, it can prevent food items from blocking sealing.


The Ziploc Vacuum Sealer can allow you to decrease food waste. It also helps you save money as well as to eat healthily. This model is a great quality product to keep your foods fresh for a longer time.

Also, it is made to keep out moisture and air. It is an ideal option for home use. It comes in three available colors: Black, White, and Red. Overall, you will get many benefits from the Ziploc Vacuum Sealer.

However, it may sometimes not work. In this post, we have just listed some popular troubles you can get when using the machine. Hopefully, they are helpful to you.


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