Vacuum Sealing Liquids in Mason Jars

When it comes to popular kitchen appliances, we cannot ignore vacuum sealers.

You can use them to seal your food in plastic bags.

However, you can find some special products that you can use for sealing mason jars as well as other containers.

Therefore, you have to purchase a special jar vacuum sealer model if you need to seal a mason jar.

If it is difficult for you to store liquids in a plastic bag, you can consider using a mason jar. It can help you store your food safely.

Keep reading this post, we will let you know the steps to seal liquids in mason jars.

Steps to Seal a Jar

Prepare your jar

The first step is to prepare your jar. This step is to make sure there isn’t any issue during the sealing process.

It is essential to leave some space when sealing plastic bags. This step is to obtain better results.

Moreover, it is essential to leave more than one-inch space in a jar. Then, you can get better results.

Otherwise, you may get major issues in the suction process. As a result, it can lead to not sealing the jar correctly.

Attach the jar sealing accessories correctly

It is vital to carefully attach the accessories for great results. Although this step is simple, you have to keep some essential things in mind.

For example, you have to push these accessories to the jar neck. Then, you can get the right suction.

Attach the air extraction tube

This feature is to establish a connection between the jar vacuum sealer model and the jar.

Therefore, we recommend you to do it carefully. Otherwise, it may lead to a loose connection with poor suction.

As a result, you cannot seal the jar greatly.

Turn on the device

Last, you need to turn on the machine to start your sealing process.

Remember to turn it on after you make all the connections properly.

Otherwise, a poor connection may impact the sealing process.

If the machine works automatically, you have to turn it on and off.

On the other hand, if it operates manually, you have to turn it on/off.

At the same time, you need to adjust the speed as well.


Sometimes, you may notice a jar kid doesn’t work when you’re trying to remove the jar sealer.

This issue is more popular with the regular mouth compared to ones with a wide mouth for a few reasons.

Here are some things you can do about this issue:

  • The jar lid should be centered on your jar before you place the jar sealer on.
  • When placing the jar sealer on your jar, you need to directly press down in only one fluid motion. Avoid wigging this sealer once it’s on. Otherwise, it can loosen the lid.
  • You need to slowly and firmly seal the jar sealer from the jar. It also should be pulled straight up.


Now, you got all the steps to vacuum seal liquid in Mason Jars. Follow our steps above to seal the jar as well as other containers.

As long as you properly follow these steps and take all the precautions, it is simple to seal the jar. It will allow you to store your food safely for a long time.

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