Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000 Review

When it comes to the best vide vacuum sealers, there are so many different models available out there.

To help you make your decision easier, we will review the Sous Vide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000, one of the best models out there.

It is a high-quality product. Let’s check out to learn more details about both pros and cons of this product.

Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 Review

This one is a high-quality model. It has a slimline structure. If you are shopping for one that you can store away with ease, you should consider getting it. It performs well to offer you essential features.

It is simple to use. It offers you the semi-automatic sealing feature. However, the model also has a few drawbacks. It does not come with onboard bag storage.

The model comes with two settings: Dry/Moist for dry ingredients, marinating meats, soups, and different liquids.

Moreover, the model can keep your personal items watertight. This feature is perfect for rafting, camping, as well as mailing parcels.

How is the Vacuum?

This model includes a powerful vacuum. Thus, it ensures to remove the air from the bag. You need to avoid overcooking meat again.

What are more delicate foods?

It packs the power if necessary. However, it offers you complete control. It also allows you to turn down when sealing more delicate items.

Besides, you can also control the simple-to-use vacuum suction with an easy press of a button.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, this model is easy to use. You will not get any issues when using it. All you have to do is just push the model down until it clicks.

Then, the model locks and operates automatically. You can change all the settings with the simple button on the right side.


One of the most important factors when choosing any product is the price. This model is an affordable choice for you.


  • A starter kit with quart size bags
  • Semi-automated functionality
  • A slimline design
  • Settings for different food modes
  • A manual bag sealing for more control
  • Marinate mode for sealing both dry and wet foods


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Simple to store due to a compact size
  • High quality
  • Semi-automatic sealing process


  • More expensive than some models
  • No accessory port
  • No on-board bag


If you use the VS3000 vacuum seal to seal wet items, like fish, you need to stop the device right before the liquid reaches the seal of the bag.


If you are going for sous vide cooking, the Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 is ideal for you. This one is a perfect model. It is designed to handle liquid and moisture marinades. Moreover, this product is simple to use.

Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly unit you can choose from. All of these things make it the best choice for sous vide. There is no reason why you should invest in the Sous Vide Supreme VS3000.

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