How to Use Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes

If you are thinking about storing items, you should consider vacuum sealer bags. They are great ways. Also, they help to save much storage space.

Indeed, you can use them to decrease by about 50% of storage space. If you want to store your items with vacuum bags, you need to choose ones that are suitable for your items.

Keep reading the article to learn how to use vacuum sealer bags for clothes.

Pack a Space Bag

Choose a type of vacuum sealer bag

There are a lot of vacuum sealer bags available out there. They come in various sizes and shapes. Your option depends on the items you are going to store.

For example, you need flat bags if you want to store clothes. On the other hand, larger items need totes and cubes.

Open the bag

To do this step, you need to grab each zipper’s side. Put one hand on one side. At the same time, place your other hand on the opposite one.

Next, pull the sides apart. However, you shouldn’t pull so hard.

Keep the open bag face-up in a flat position

The bag should be placed on the sofa, bed, table, or floor. You should keep it upright with the fill line facing upwards.

Look for the items to store

You can store a lot of soft items with space vacuum sealer bags. However, the most commonly used ones include linens and clothing.

You shouldn’t store food, fur, or leather in these bags. Moreover, avoid storing ones with ridges or sharp corners since they can puncture the bag.

All the items you want to store should be dry before you pack them into vacuum sealer bags.

Hold the items in bags

You need to avoid overfilling the bag. You should only hold items to the fill line. One way to maximize the amount of space is to fold these items.

Seal the Bag

Close the bag

Use your thumb and index finger to grasp the sure-zip slider. Next, slide the zipper across the bag top. It is essential to slide the zipper back as well as forth at least two times.

To make sure a tight seal was made, you need to press down a little harder. This way also prevents air from leaking out.

Run your fingers along the zipper

You need to completely seal the zipper. All you need to do is to slide your fingers along the zipper. At the same time, press down.

Open the valve cap

There is a valve on the bag top. To open it, you need to keep one hand around the valve base. Then, use the other hand to lift open the cap.

Place the hose into the valve

All the attachments need to be removed from your vacuum. The circular hose should be also placed onto the valve.

You need to place the hose in the middle of the valve. Besides, the valve should be filled with the circular end of the hose.

Turn on the machine

Once you turn the vacuum on, you will notice the bag start to shrink because air is removed. When it stops shrinking, the sealing process may be completed. Then, it’s time to turn off the machine.

Remove the hose as well as close the lid

After finishing your sealing process, you need to remove the vacuum hose. At the same time, remember to close the lid on sealing bags. This step is to avoid any air escaping the bag.

Store The Vacuum Sealer Bag

Store in a smooth place

You can store your vacuum sealer bags in a flat and smooth space, such as a cupboard, closet, or under a bed. There should be also no sharp items placed next to the bags.

Keep away from children

Vacuum sealer bags are made of plastic. They may be hazardous to your children. Therefore, you have to store them up high for your children.

Also, keep them away from the reach of your children.


Now, you know all the essential steps to use vacuum sealer bags for clothing. Store bags can help to protect your items from mold, moisture, as well as moths. Follow our directions above to get optimal use.

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