FoodSaver V2060 Vacuum Sealer Review

If you want to keep your budget lower and save money, you should consider buying the Foodsaver V2060 vacuum sealer. It is sure to help you keep your food fresh longer.

You should use it to stock up on meat. You can also use the Foodsaver V2060 vacuum sealer to persevere with veggies and fruits.

Check out this article to get more reviews of the Foodsaver V2060 vacuum sealer. At the same time, we will give you a guide on how to choose the right vacuum sealer.

Are Vacuum Sealers any Good?

These devices are one of the most efficient methods to preserve, as well as store foods longer. They ensure to keep your food fresh, dried, or frozen.


The model comes in white color. It has a compact design. Moreover, it has an accessory kit including rolls, zipper bags, a drip tray, as well as an accessory hose. If you like to pick up additional accessories, you should consider buying this vacuum sealer.


The model allows you to keep food fresh longer in the fridge. It is sure to eliminate air as well as extend the freshness of food. This period is five times longer compared to conventional storage ways.


  • Made with five layers of nylon and plastic to offer the best food protection
  • Anti-bacterial drip tray
  • Let foods stay fresh 5 times longer
  • Crush Free instant seal feature
  • Comes with quart size bags and rolls

How to Choose the Best FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers

There are many factors you need to consider when picking out a vacuum sealer. They may play into how well your vacuum sealer meets your requirements.

Here are some factors you need to consider before making your purchase:


First, you need to determine if you want an external. A chamber, or a handheld vacuum sealer. Each of them has both pros and cons. Also, you need to determine how often you will use the model.

If you plan to do tons of packaging in bulk, choose a chamber type vacuum sealer. However, a smaller handheld machine is suitable for those who want to hardly use it.


Some types of vacuum sealers are made for specific types of sealing jobs. The model you choose should be designed for your primary purpose.

In fact, you can find some models that work well for meat. However, some others are popular for their ability to deal with vegetables and fruits well.

A few units can do a lot of tasks well. However, they may be a bit more expensive.


If you want a model with a small footprint, look for a portable handheld unit. However, some portable and lightweight models may give you low performance.

Also, it is essential to focus on what material the model is made out of. We recommend you to look for ones made of stainless steel due to its durability.

Sealing Mechanism

To seal food properly, two things are working together for this. They include the vacuum strength and the quality of the heating bar. Some cheaper models don’t feature sufficient strength.

Maintenance and Warranty

You also need to consider if the model comes with special bags. Then, you may need to purchase their particular brand of bags.

If you choose a cheaper model, you may also spend money on replacement things more often compared to a more durable model.

Most vacuum sealers offer a one-year warranty. However, many models can offer you a three-year or longer warranty.

Therefore, you should take your time to find these brands.


Some models bring special features, like extra settings. They may be rapid marinate mode, adjustable vacuum strength, as well as other settings.

Some models come with LED indicators to let you monitor your sealing process. Besides, some products have external hoses aiding in sealing jars as well as canisters.

Foods That Should Not Be Vacuum Sealed

There are some foods you should avoid vacuum sealing:

  • Garlic
  • Raw mushrooms
  • Steamed or freshly cooked vegetables
  • Soft cheeses

For steamed or freshly cooked vegetables, you just should vacuum seal them after keeping them at room temperature. There are some soft cheeses to avoid, such as camembert, brie, ricotta, blue cheese, as well as other soft cheeses.


In conclusion, the Foodsaver V2060 vacuum sealer operates to save your money. It brings all the power you need. It is a powerful model. Also, it comes with a classic white exterior.

Therefore, this one is suitable for any kitchen. It can keep your food fresh five times longer. Now, you had all the essential things about this model. From our reviews above, we hope that you can find the right vacuum sealer for you.

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