History of Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealing is considered the best packaging method for most products. It is a method that has the ability to preserve a variety of products. Most industries and home-users prefer this way of packaging because it offers long-term preservation. Today there are many types and models of sealers on the market, hence, you can easily find the best one that suits your needs. One of the main benefits of a vacuum sealer is to make your packaging process stress-free and enjoyable.

If you would want to learn more about vacuum sealers, and the packaging techniques associated with them, it is important to understand their history. Most people do not know that these sealers were being used during World-war II to package food for soldiers. Below are interesting facts about the sealers.

Who and when was the machine invented?

In 1940’s, a German inventor named Karl Busch invented a Vacuum Pack to store foods at his home. The sealer was functioning just like the normal industrial sealers. However, it was a bit smaller than today’s modern sealers. The sealers we have today have several features and are so advanced in the settings than the earlier sealers. Nevertheless, the physical principles that govern the entire vacuum sealing process have remained unchanged. The ancient sealers used the similar principle of modern sealers where the air from the pack is removed and then sealed. Here are some principles of the process of vacuum sealing.

What is the basic principle of Vacuum sealing?

For people who have been using the vacuum sealers, they are aware of the principles behind the entire sealing process. The idea is to remove oxygen from the package then sealing it to prevent the growth of fungus, aerobic bacteria and any other microorganism. Keep in mind that microorganisms are responsible for food spoilage. Happily, if the growth rate is prevented, the spoiling process can be slowed down. In the old days, packaging was done as it is done today but evidently, today’s sealers are more advanced.

How Vacuum sealers have evolved

Today’s modern sealers are evolved forms of ancient sealing machines. Those basic sealers involved large vacuum nozzles and very heavy machinery. But the modern sealers used today have a digital system that makes the process simple and enjoyable. Not only have the basic features evolved, but today there are many options and varieties. Today, you can select options such as thermoforming sealer, double vacuum chamber, a tabletop sealer, automatic belt chamber sealer and many more.

Apart from varieties, there are also several brands to choose from. The brands are well designed, either for home-use or for industrial use. For example, if you are looking for a simple sealer for home use, you can pick single chamber vacuum-sealers or the tabletop sealers. But if you are looking for a more complex sealer for industrial use, thermoforming or automatic belt are amazing machines. Happily, no matter how complex the machine is, no expertise is needed.

In 1984, Hans Christian invented the modern sealer. The main benefit of the modern sealers is that they offer reduced costs, and are accessible to many home users. They also make it possible for users to preserve and store the leftovers. As the needs of many users evolved, many changes have happened but the main principle has remained the same.

What are the main roles of today’s vacuum sealers?

A modern vacuum sealer is well designed to carry out different roles for the users. Most are smaller in size to fit in many modern kitchens, and only need a small space in your kitchen counter. The capability to manage dried foods, fresh foods and the leftovers is beneficial and can help to save good money. You can store food in classy packaging bags for a few weeks or even months without getting spoiled.

Modern sealing machines are affordable, useful in food preservation and storage, and offer a better packing technique than many other packaging methods. Modern vacuum sealers are changing the way ordinary people preserve food. They provide benefits such as reduced costs, and power saving among many others. This means users can store food and leftovers for a long period of time without getting spoiled. Hence, if you are ready to shop for a modern vacuum sealing machine, consider your needs before purchase one.

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