FoodSaver V3240 Review – Crush Free Instant Seal

FoodSaver V3240 ReviewThe FoodSaver V3240 caters to a specific type of food sealer market. People who are already experienced and are enjoying the way vacuum sealing keeps their food fresh will have a lot to like about the V3240. Let’s take a look at how the V3240 does a lot of things the right way in this FoodSaver V3240 review:

The FoodSaver V3240 packs a lot of features inside its vacuum sealing innards. It has a lengthy sealing strip that you can use on 12″ bags. It works on a variety of bags. The drip tray catches any mess as you seal your food in place. It even has a built-in cutter to complete the closing process! Perhaps the most impressive is the Crush Free feature, which makes it stand out among other FoodSaver vacuum sealers in the market.

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Aesthetics could probably be its worst feature- the FoodSaver V3240 looks like a printer from the 80s! Nevertheless, you probably won’t mind the looks when the V3240 does a LOT of things to preserve and even improve your quality of food life.[/su_note]

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Powerful & Versatile Sealing Technology. The V3240 sealing speed can be turned up if you’re in a hurry. You can choose between damp & moist settings, then press the button for the best kind of seal according to the food contained within. It works with multi-layered and customized bags. It’s one of the smartest FoodSaver vacuum sealer in the market.

Convenient Up and Down Design. Have just enough space for a medium-sized food sealer machine on your home? Then the V3240 is the perfect choice. It has a relatively small footprint that can fit anywhere in the kitchen. The V3240 tops the list in vacuum sealing efficiency due to its all-in-one ability to seal food for later consumption.

Crush Free Instant Seal. This feature has us salivating over the kinds of fresh produce we can store with the V3240. Imagine being able to preserve and protect veggies and soft fruits such as bananas without bruising them or turning them into jelly. It’s truly a remarkable piece of machine that can do delicate, precise work.[/su_box]

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Automatic vacuum sealers that have this many feature is a one-of-a-kind product. The V3240 works on a variety of cooking, kitchen and food environments, which mean it’s a great choice for everyone who has ever used a kitchen or opened a fridge![/su_note]

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We’ve tried the FoodSaver V3240 on whatever we could get our hands on. We vacuum sealed steak, pizza slices, salads (with dressing included), and of course, bananas. It worked all amazingly well! The included hose is the topping on the dessert as it allows you to seal in the freshness for storage containers. Couple that with the small footprint and a reasonable price tag, and you have yourself a winner!

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